Grease Stains Wallpaper

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When I was prepping this room for wallpaper (by skim-floating the walls, to smooth out the texture), I found an area where it looked like candle wax, or some other oil-based material, had dripped down the wall. Any type of oil, be it wax, crayon, cooking oil, mechanic’s grease, or even just the oil from our hands, will stain most wallpapers.

I scraped off what I could, and then skim-floated over the surface with joint compound, “mud.” As you can see in the first photo, the oily substance worked its way right through the joint compound. There is still danger that this can work its way through the wallpaper, and stain the surface. So I set about sealing it.

I floated the area with joint compound first, because I believe that joint compound helps absorb oil a little, and it also is porous, so it has lots of teensy holes to soak up a sealer. After the “mud” had dried, I sanded it smooth, wiped off the dust, and then primed with Gardz. Gardz is a sealer that is very thin, and will soak into surfaces, binding them together, and then seal it. For double assurance, once the Gardz was dry, I followed that up with a spot-primer coat of Bull’s Eye 123 Primer. 123 has a lot of good characteristics – it is pigmented (white) for hiding defects on the wall, it sticks to all surfaces, including gloss, and it blocks stains such as oil, wax, ink, blood, water, etc. AND it’s low-odor and water clean-up. šŸ™‚

Bottom line – when you look at the second photo above, you can see that the white 123 is doing its job, and has not allowed any of the waxy drips to work their way stealthily through the surface of the wallpaper.

Both of these products are made by Zinsser, and are available at Southwestern Paint in Houston. Home Depot carries 123, but it does not carry Gardz – at least, not at the stores I have visited here in Houston.


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