Why Is This Paint Peeling?

Digital Image

Digital Image

Here you are looking at woodwork in a home that has been freshened, at least one time, with a new coat of paint.

But, as you can see, the new, top layer of paint is starting to flake and peel up. Why?

Paint that is used on woodwork is usually semi-gloss or even high-gloss. Glossy finishes have a slick surface. And just as nothing sticks to dust, nothing sticks to gloss.

What’s happening here is that the top layer of paint is peeling away from the bottom layer, because it has no texture, or other rough surface to “bite” into. Depending on how glossy the sub surface is (the original painted woodwork), the new paint may stay on the molding forever, or it may give way immediately, or it may peel up bit by bit, as you see here, as it becomes stressed or injured.

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