Purple Grasscloth in a Family Room

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Well, it’s more of a plum than a purple, but it’s a beautiful color, and it shook the room – and the whole house – out of its monochromatic nap and into a cheery and energized state – perfect for a busy family with two pre-school children.

The wall started out painted a deep chocolate brown. It was “nice,” but “not enough.” This richly colored grasscloth in a plum hue injected a whole ‘nother stage of color and emotion. It is by Schumacher, and I hung it on a feature wall (fireplace wall) in a newish home in the Houston Heights. The last picture shows a close-up of the beautiful and warm texture of the product.

Note that grasscloth has no pattern and cannot be matched at the seams, so the seams will always be visible to some degree. You can also expect color differences between strips – even those that come off the same roll of wallpaper.

These slight variations in color and texture are considered to be part of the “inherent beauty of this natural product,” and are expected and appreciated with grasscloth jobs.

The interior designer for this job is Pamela O’Brien, of Pamela Hope Designs, in Houston.

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