Fudging the Pattern to Eliminate a Seam

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Here I am working around a door and on to the left, and ending at a bank of cabinets. There is a seam smack down the middle of that 10″ wide space. I preferred to not have a seam there because 1.) the fewer seams, the less chance of curling or loosening, 2.) it was an awkward spot and two narrow strips of paper are difficult to work with and keep straight, 3.) one strip goes faster than two.

So I found a place on the pattern where I could cut along a tree branch and splice it in at the top of the door molding. I made sure that the branch was pointing in the same direction as the other branches over the door, and I plotted to get as many whole birds in that 10″ space as possible.

Dang me – I forgot to take a picture of it when it was finished. But trust me, it looked great, you could not detect that the pattern was slightly off, and there are no seams distract the eye or worry about peeling up.

The wallpaper pattern is called “A Twitter,” by Schumacher.

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