Flaws of the Day – Smudges, Ink Pinpricks, and One Big Blob

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Two of the three double roll bolts I worked with today had smudges like you see in the first photo, running horizontally across the back of the wallpaper. You never know if something like this is going to show through to the front or not, especially once the paper is wet with paste. So it’s best to discard iffy paper. There were also a number of tiny black specks imbedded in the paper here and there (not shown). Some could be picked out with a razor blade, but some just had to stay in place.

In the second photo, there is a big hard blob of dried ink, or something, that definitely is not acceptable. What’s sad is, I could have done this job with just two bolts of paper. However, I’m glad I had them buy three, because I was able to discard the defective strips and hang only clean, problem-free paper.

This pattern is called “Feathers,” and is by Serena & Lily, and on-line company. Aside from the defects, their paper is nice to work with and performs nicely over time.

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