I Got Chewed Out By the Mailman Today

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I found this note on my window today. The thing is, I know the routine, plus the homeowner had asked me to not block the mailbox. So I thought I had parked far enough back so he could get to the box. For me, this meant I could reach my side doors easily, but I had to walk through grass and mud to access my rear doors.

I live in the heart of the city, and our mail carriers WALK their route, carrying letters up to mailboxes on people’s front porches. But in the suburbs, mailboxes are out near the curb, and all the mail carrier has to do is drive along with his window down and slip mail into the boxes, without ever leaving the comfort of his vehicle.

Chicken-and-egg question: Who has priority? The home repair tech, who is back and forth to his truck many times a day, but only for a day or two? Or the U.S. mail carrier, who has a lot of mailboxes to stuff, day after day?

I have to admit – this is a very polite note. My client thought it might have come from the neighborhood security patrol, rather than from the postal employee.

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