A Small Adjustment to the Screws is Called for

Digital Image

Digital Image

What you are looking at is the bracket that holds a towel bar in place in this bathroom. I have removed the bar and the outer decorative hardware, and just the support bracket is left. When I first touched this towel bar (not shown), everything was solid and fit together well.

However, after I finished wallpapering the room and went to put the towel bar back up, the bar would not stay in the brackets! The bar was too short, and kept falling out.

This did not make sense, since I had put the bracket back into exactly the same holes in the wall that I had removed it from. I took everything apart again, to try to figure out why the space was suddenly too wide to hold the bar.

Easy solution. See the screw on the top of the bracket, and the gap between the screw and the metal of the bracket? This gap allows you to slide the bracket to the right or to the left. When I replaced the brackets, I had not paid attention to where the screw sat within this 1/2″ space. As it turns out, that 1/2″ was quite important.

Once I slid the bracket so it was closer to the twin bracket on the opposite side of the towel bar, it closed the gap enough that the towel bar fit perfectly into the supports.

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