Keeping the Waves at the Top

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I hung this wallpaper in a nursery in Montrose, Houston. The crown molding on the left half of the wall was level. But as I moved to the right, the molding went off-level, and that meant that the pattern design started to be chopped off at the top of the wall.

Lowering the design on the next strip to keep it from being chopped off would mean that the pattern would not match the pattern on the previous strip. So I matched the pattern along the full height of the wall, except for the very top row. For this row, I cut horizontally across the width of the strip, roughly following the outline of the design. I could have cut a straight line, but I thought that following the design would do a better job of disguising the cut.

Then I lowered the pattern until it fell below the crown molding just where I wanted it to. The result was a little bit of an overlap onto the rest of the strip below it. I simply added a little extra paste, smoothed everything out, and – voilà!

Once the paper dries, it will shrink and the overlap will be minimal. Plus, at 10′ up, it would be hard to detect even if you were looking directly at it.

The wallpaper pattern is by Waverly, for York Wall.

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