Stripping Wallpaper – Damage to Sheetrock Due to No Primer

Digital Image

Digital Image

Here I am, stripping wallpaper off the walls in this bathroom. This is the original wallpaper, and has been up and in perfect condition for nearly 20 years.

Unfortunately, the original installer did not prime the walls before hanging the wallpaper. That means that while removing the wallpaper, the Sheetrock can easily be torn, as you see in this photo.

These tears are subject to bubbling when water-based paint, or new wallpaper, are placed over them. They also create a blemish on the wall that will show under the new paper or paint.

So they must be treated with a sealer (I like Gardz), and then skim-floated over and sanded smooth.

It would be far better if the wallpaper hanger had just used a primer before hanging his wallpaper.

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