Faux Brick, Faux Mortar, Faux Level Ceiling

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Virtually no room or home has perfectly plumb walls, nor perfectly level ceilings and floors. Even if the wallpaper is hung perfectly plumb, if the walls or ceiling are out of kilter, it will look like the wallpaper is askew, with the design being closer to the ceiling at one end of the wall, and dropping farther away from the ceiling at the other end. So, to disguise this, I will often put an element at the top of the wall that you will not notice if it’s growing shorter or taller – for instance, a partial brick, and your eye won’t notice if it’s 3 1/2″ high at one end of the wall and 4 1/8″ high at the other.

But in this room, I wanted to have a line of mortar at the top of the wall, so it would look like a real brick wall. The ceiling line was straight along the right half of the wall, as you see in the photo, but got off-level on the left half. That meant that the bricks started falling down the wall, and the bottoms of bricks from the row above them started showing at the ceiling line.

To disguise this, I took scraps of unused wallpaper and cut thin strips of the mortar design. Then I appliquéd these over the bottoms of the bricks that I didn’t want to show at the ceiling line. Regular wallpaper paste won’t stick to this textured vinyl product, so I had to use an adhesive specially formulated to adhere to vinyl.

The finished result looked great. No dark bottoms of bricks showed along the top of the wall, and you really couldn’t notice that the mortar along the ceiling on the left half of the room was wider than the mortar on the right half.

This wallpaper is by Sunworthy, and I hung it on an accent wall in a bedroom of a teenaged boy.

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