Buy What I Tell You To Buy – PLEASE!

O.K., so I showed up for work today, for an 8-roll job to put grasscloth on an accent wall in a master bedroom.

The only problem was – the homeowner had only purchased 6 rolls.

So we had to postpone until another double roll of paper can be ordered and shipped. And let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the run numbers will be the same.

This delay means the homeowners will have to live with furniture out of place, their schedules have been disrupted, and they have additional shipping costs, not to mention the disappointment of not getting their room decorating finished.

For me, it means a lost day of work, and having to juggle the schedule, to try to fit this job into my already-full calendar. For my other clients on the waiting list, it means that I could have gotten someone else’s wallpaper up, but didn’t have enough advance notice.

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