A Light Update, Medieval Feel

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This bathroom started out with a rose-colored faux-finish paper. Very nice in its day (it was put up 12 years ago), but the homeowners were ready for an update. The new selection is also on a faux-finish background, but the coppery-brown colors are more neutral, and there is a scratchy, weathered-looking medallion pattern that adds interest, along with a bit of an old-world feel.

The homeowner chose the paper partly because it went with her existing shower curtain (tropical, not shown) and window valance (floral, shown). But once the first strips of the new wallpaper went up, it was evident that the old fabrics were not going to work. (I knew that all along, but just kept mum. 🙂 )

In fact, the homeowner agreed with me that the window looked better with no valance at all, just the shutters. Then she went digging through her linen closet and came up with a textured, cream-colored shower curtain that perfectly matched the color of the woodwork but had no distracting pattern; it looked great next to the brown metallic wallpaper.

The homeowner will keep her original mirror (sorry, no photo, but it is hand-painted and coordinates wonderfully with the wallpaper), and a very loved Medieval-themed painting of angels that looks fantastic hanging on the new wallpaper (sorry, no photo).


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