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I just spent several days hanging wallpaper in a new home on family farm land in Carmine (near Round Top and La Grange), Texas, about 90 miles northwest of Houston. Of course, it rained buckets this week. Here are shots of my commute from my van to the house. Luckily, the homeowner advised me ahead of time to bring boots!

The mud you are looking it is slippery and sloshy and deep. On my first day, it was thick and sticky and bonded itself to my boots with a vengeance. Imagine hauling a 7′ long, 30lb work table, or a 50lb bucket of wallpaper paste back and forth through this!

Driving shoes off and boots on to walk through the mud. Boots off to walk through the house. Boots back on to walk back to the truck. Boots off and clean driving shoes on before getting into the truck. Repeat many times per day.

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