Wavy Giraffes Jolly-Up A Baby’s Nursery

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This pattern, with its varied-height lines of giraffes marching along to the left is just plain fun.

And, as a hand-printed gold metallic option from a boutique manufacturer, was quite expensive.

The mom-to-be maximized the punch factor of this paper by putting it on just one wall – the wall behind the crib. Even though the pattern had a very long repeat (36″), I was able to cover the wall with just one 27′ long double roll bolt of paper. That’s getting a lot of bang for as reasonable price as possible.

As you can see in the last photo, this wallpaper came un-trimmed, and had to have the unprinted selvedge edge trimmed off by hand (meaning, a 6′ straightedge and a hand-held razor blade).

Matching the pattern was a real bugger, because, even though all those giraffes LOOK the same, they are NOT the same, nor is their sequence of appearance in any given line. There was a lot of waste with the 36″ repeat, and some accommodating the un-plumb walls and un-level floor and ceiling of a 1930’s home in West University Place, but the finished wall looked super.

This wallpaper is by Sissy & Marley for Jill Malek, and is available on-line.

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