A Home’s Decorating History

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Today I stripped wallpaper off a 2-room bathroom in Katy (Houston). There were several layers of paper underneath, and it was fun to see the changes the room had been through. Well, actually, in this case, three of the four papers were very similar, and brightly-colored with playful designs, so it appears the homeowners were shooting for a fun, colorful bathroom for their children.

Scraps of the previous papers were found under the brackets for the towel bars, and one was lying on top of some decorative molding around the light box / fur down. The first choice was a pretty bland tan paper with tiny brown leaves and vines on it. After that, the parents went for primary colors in splashes, and then in stripes. At some point, there were primary colors in a skinny stripe with diminutive flowers.

These four papers reflect not just the homeowners’ taste and vision for the room, but the styles that were prevalent at the time each paper went up.

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