Light Fixtures – Paper Around Them or Paper Behind Them?

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Yeah, it’s kinda a pain to remove all the light fixtures and switch plate covers and air vents in a room. There are plenty of painters, and even paperhangers, who leave them in place and paint / cut around them.

But I prefer the tidy look of having paper go behind these fixtures, and having the cut edges neatly covered up. This also prevents wallpaper from curling or peeling up.

In the top photo, I have removed the decorative flange around the recessed can light. Wallpaper will be trimmed close to the opening. In the second photo, I have loosened the base of the hanging chandelier, so that wallpaper can go behind it. It’s hard to work around a large (and expensive) hanging light fixture, so I plotted the layout so that a seam would fall near the chandelier electrical junction box, which made it much easier to handle than if I had a full-width strip of paper that had to be worked around the box.

The last two photos show the can lights with the wallpaper neatly behind them, and their white flanges covering the cut edges and holding any loose ends tightly to the wall.


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