A ’90’s Faux Brightens Into a 2016 Faux

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When this Bellaire (Houston) home was built in 1990, faux-finishes were all the rage, and this navy blue wallpaper suited the powder room nicely. Fast-forward 25 years, and the homeowners were ready for a brighter room. But they still like the faux-finish look, and, luckily, the style is still current. My favorite source (below) helped them track down this pattern.

The new pattern is very subtle, and difficult to see in the photos, but the soft greys and off-whites have dramatically transformed the small bathroom. In addition, the homeowners have added a new, modern style, brushed-nickel light fixture, and will install new towel rings and toilet paper holder.

This was pretty much a dream job; it had all the elements that make me happy. The homeowners were very communicative throughout the purchasing and installation process. I could park right at the door closest to the room where I was working. I had plenty of space and light and got good reception on my satellite radio. The homeowners had the pedestal sink and toilet removed, which made my job MUCH easier and saved me at least an hour, plus allowed the wallpaper to go behind the sink, instead of being cut along the top of it (which could lead to curling / peeling).

My clients must have heard about my preference to work in peace and quiet, because they planned a full day of activities, so I could have the house all to myself while I was working. And to top it all off, they are perfectly lovely people. Oh, and the paper was nice to work with, too. A very good day at work. đŸ™‚

This wallpaper pattern is by Wallquest, in their EcoChic line – one of my favorites – and was bought at a discounted price from Dorota Hartwig at Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet near Kirby. (713) 520-6262 or dorotasouthwestern@hotmail.com. Discuss your project and make an appointment before heading over to see her.


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