Circles of Orbs

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Here is a fun “balls dropping” pattern in subdued greys and tans, with tiny glittery glass beads imbedded in the circles. This went on one wall in powder room – behind the sink and toilet – in a brand new, very contemporary home near Buffalo Speedway and Braeswood (Houston).

The homeowner had the contractor remove the sink and toilet, so it was much easier for me to get the paper neatly behind those fixtures, and no cut edges along the top of the sink to worry about curling. The shot of the sink plumbing isn’t glamorous, but it shows how I plotted the layout so that the darker circle would be centered over the sink.

The colors and theme go very nicely with the sleek, modern style of the home, and are a perfect match for the marble tile in the adjoining room. With lighting coming from the right angle, the glass beads will really sparkle!

This wallpaper is by Anthology (by Harlequin), and is called “Eclipse.” It was on a non-woven substrate. Those glass beads love to fall off (the floor was covered with them), and it’s important to keep them out of the paste and off the back of the paper, or they will show as tiny pimples under the paper. I find that it’s easiest to keep the beads away from the paste and backing if you apply paste to the wall, rather than to the back of the paper. The walls were 12′ high, so I had to bring my 8′ step ladder to do this job.


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