Innovative Use of Mural – In a Powder Room!


Usually, murals go on single walls. But this homeowner in the Houston Heights had a vision of what her powder room could look like, with this colorful hand-painted-looking mural on all four walls. It turned out fantastic!

What’s especially cool about murals is that the pattern does not repeat. So you have a 12′ wide stretch of flowers and mushrooms and turnips and beetles spanning two walls, before you see the same flower or mushroom or critter, when the second mural is called upon.

And that brings up an important point – in a setting like this, it is important to be sure that pattern on the right side of the mural will match up with the pattern on the left side of the mural, so that when two murals are placed side-by-side, the design will be uninterrupted.

This mural came in eight panels, had light texture to its surface, and is on non-woven substrate. Paste could be applied to either the back of the panels or directly to the wall. (I chose to paste the paper, which was easier when going around the toilet and pedestal sink.) It was surprisingly flexible and nice to work with. It is made by either a German or French company.

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