Glass Beads on the Floor and on My Table

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

Digital Image

The glitter of glass bead wallpaper is all the rage these days. Those teensy round balls of glass are meant to catch the light and make your wall glimmer and glow.

But some manufacturers are better than others. Some beads simply won’t keep themselves adhered to the backing.

Here you see a mass of clear glass beads all over the floor. It’s slippery to walk on, and it’s a mess to clean up. The beads also got onto my table (2nd photo). And they worked their way into my paste, and found their way onto the back of the wallpaper, from where they produced very noticeable “pimples” that took a lot of time to dig out and get rid of.

I’m sure that many of my tools and equipment are contaminated with these tiny beads, too. Before starting the next job, it’s imperative that everything be cleaned and double checked thoroughly, to avoid transferring these tiny beesties onto another job.


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