Patching a Hole in the Wall

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This bathroom had a ceramic toilet paper holder that was recessed into the wall. It was ugly, outdated, and in the wrong place (visible from the hallway), so the homeowners wanted to get rid of it. But that left a hold about 6″ x 4″ that would leave a dent under the new wallpaper.

The homeowner was running errands, so I asked him to pick up a piece of drywall that I could use to patch in the hole. Taping and floating can take a long time to dry, and I wanted to hang paper that day, so I used a different technique.

I cut the piece of drywall about 2″ larger on all sides than the hole. Then I cut off about 2″ of drywall all around the outside edges, leaving a chunk of drywall in the center that was just the size and shape to fit into the hole. I left the top layer of paper on the drywall, which formed a sort of flap all around the center piece. In the second photo, you see me removing some of the drywall, but leaving the inner section, and also leaving the paper flap.

In the third photo, I have inserted the drywall piece into the hole, and the flap is extending 2″ all around the piece. I have floated over the whole thing with joint compound. Next I set a heater and a fan on it, to get it to dry quickly, while other parts of the room were being prepped.

Once dry, I sanded it smooth, refloated to cover minor imperfections, and sanded again, then wiped off dust and primed. The last photo shows the final patch. If you didn’t know where to look, you would never notice it!


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