No Sink, No Toilet = Easy Access, Better Results

Digital Image

Digital Image

This homeowner is finishing a major remodel / update of a home in the Woodlands (Houston). She realized that the paper in her powder room would look better, adhere better, have no cut edges for water to wick under and curl up, and be easier for me to install, if the toilet and pedestal sink were not in in the room when I hung the paper.

She was right…Bless her!

You are looking at the rough plumbing for the pedestal sink, with my wallpaper trimmed neatly around it.

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2 Responses to “No Sink, No Toilet = Easy Access, Better Results”

  1. Accidental Suburbanites Says:

    Any advice for cutting around supply valves? I was lucky enough to have my toilet and sink out when I wallpapered my powder room, but still struggled to keep the cut-outs looking neat!

    • thewallpaperlady Says:

      Hi there, and thank you for reading my blog.
      Even when the fixtures are out of the room, it is difficult to cut around the supply and drain pipes. “Relief cuts” will help, but you can never get it as perfect as your mind’s eye wants it to be.
      I know you want it to be perfect, but don’t sweat it or fret over it – it’s impossible to be perfectly perfect in every instance.
      The good thing is, the escutcheon plates will cover most of the relief cuts, and the sink and toilet will hide the rest, once they are back in place.

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