Repainting Woodwork? Don’t Let Painters Tape the Wallpaper!

Digital Image

The white on the right of the photo is a cabinet that was painted during a kitchen remodel.
To ensure they got a straight line, the workmen used blue painter’s tape and put it on top of the wallpaper on the left.

Unfortunately, they put their danged sticky tape on top of the wallpaper. When they removed the tape – they took quite a bit of the wallpaper with it.

This “lil’ bit of damage” cannot always be fixed. In some cases, it will mean that the entire room will have to be re-wallpapered.

A skilled painter will be able to “cut a neat line” with a good trim brush and a steady hand, and have no need for blue tape. And an experienced painter will know that, if he does resort to taping off the wallpaper, removing the tape gently and slowly is less likely to pull the ink off the paper.

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