Shimmery Silver Trees in a Bellaire (Houston) Bedroom

Accent walls in bedrooms are popular right now, but I’m also getting calls for papering entire bedrooms. These pictures show that a subtle pattern and muted color pallet can work beautifully on all four walls.

The color has a silvery sheen, and the pattern has a fun, upward movement. The homeowner wants to do something “Bohemian” with the bedding and other furnishings. She promised to send me photos, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

She also said, “This looks so good, I want to keep papering more and more rooms.”

The paper is by Exclusive Wallcoverings, and is a non-woven material. It can be applied by the paste-the-wall method, or by pasting the paper. I pasted the paper, because it makes it more pliable and because it affords that paper a chance to expand if it wants to.

This wallpaper was bought at below retail price from Dorota Hartwig at Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet near Kirby. (713) 520-6262 or She is great at helping you find just the perfect paper! Discuss your project and make an appointment before heading over to see her.

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8 Responses to “Shimmery Silver Trees in a Bellaire (Houston) Bedroom”

  1. femaledec Says:

    I love paste the wall paper, as a decorator it saves so much time and space. I hate when clients buy the old stuff! Ive been following you for a while and you always choose to paste the paper. I just wondered why? Is it just personal preference? X

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    Hi Ms. Decorator. Thanks for reading my blog! I did make a few comments above as to why I chose to paste this paper instead of the wall. Generally, I like the way the paste softens the paper and makes it more pliable, especially when you’re doing a room with lots of things to cut around, like a bathroom with cabinets, ornate molding, windows, etc. Some non-wovens can be quite thick and stiff, and difficult to work into these tight areas. Also, even though N-W’s are supposed to be dimentionally stable, some of them do expand. Better to expand on your table than on the wall, where you could get puckered seams. I also find it easier to keep paste off the edges of the strips – if you paste the wall, it’s easy for the new strip to slide into the paste on the wall, collecting paste on the edges. As time goes on and we become more familiar with this relatively new product, more and more of my colleagues are choosing to paste the paper, rather than the wall. Some N-W’s are spongy, for lack of a better term, and can delaminate or crease if you paste them and then try to unbook, so always test first. Paste the wall is fine for flat, straight accent walls. You have to roll the paper backwards and hold it with a hair band, to keep it from bumping into the wall while you position it, because it’s so tight and curly it wants to stay rolled up, where the printed side could hit the wall.

  3. femaledec Says:

    I read your reasons on this occasion, I just wondered what you thought about it in general! The guy who taught me everything i know refuses to paste the wall for the same reasons. In the UK when pasting the wall, we hang it directly from the roll, rather than cutting the length and then putting in position. That stops the curling up. As long as there is a clean cover on the floor, you just grab the top and walk up the ladder. Smooth the top over and trim, then roughly trim the bottom, smooth over and trim properly. The waste is then minimized. Keep writing because i love reading! x

  4. thewallpaperlady Says:

    Ah, yes – if you keep the paper on the bolt, you will not have the curling problem. Great point.
    I didn’t realize you were in the U.K. Did you know that the WIA (Wallcovering Installers Association) took a trip to Oxford last year, in May (almost a whole year ago!). We toured wallpaper factories, including one who makes paper studded with LED lights, the London Design Centre, a lady who restores antique papers (we’re talking 1500’s paper) in her country estate in a 1000 year old home, and Blenheim Palace, plus many other non-wallpaper related sites. And we had meet-up with a few London installers at Vincent’s Club on the campus of Oxford University. Wow – I think you have just given me my next blog post!
    Just FYI, we have members of the WIA in England. Some of them are coming to the annual convention in Denver this September. Think about joining us!

    • femaledec Says:

      How do I go about Joining? We have a private group called Female Decorators Forum. It is a secret group on facebook – invite only. We have to have it secret and invite only because the men are so immature, they created fake profiles to join and spy on us! There are some members in America as well. Are you on facebook? If so I will add you. I’m still learning wordpress and so not got my blog up and running but feel free to check my other website x

  5. thewallpaperlady Says:

    Hee, hee, hee – you are so funny! I would love to join your group. I understand closed / private groups, so please tell me how to join. And, yes, I belong to Facebook. In fact, I am already a member of one British FB wallpaper hangers’ group (I believe you call yourselves “decorators” – that has a slightly different meaning in American.) Anyway, it’s the Specialist Wallpaper Paper Installers UK group. There are men and women. I was invited to join after I met these other installers in England on the trip that I just told you about. Some of them are members of the WIA, too. Several of them, including their spouses, are coming to the U.S. for this year’s convention in Denver, Colorado. You might think about joining the WIA – Wallcovering Installers Association.

  6. thewallpaperlady Says:

    I am not familiar enough with Word Press to know how or if I can message you. But please e-mail me and I will tell you about two Facebook pages you could join where we talk about all these kinds of things – post photos of the day’s jobs, ask questions, ask for help or info on particular products, rant if we have a bad day, and help othr installers who have questions about something we may have experience with. We hang lots of materials that are made in the UK.
    I hope you will pursue WordPress. My blog attracts a lot of hits (I can tell you how to do this) and these often turn into jobs. Clients like reading about what you do, and seeing photos of your jobs. A WordPress blog is free. If you are savvy with computers ( which I am not) you can make your page look fancy and it will serve as a website. Everyone needs a website, in this day and age. If you pay Word Press a little more, you can get features that make it look very professional.
    if you want more info on any of the above, please e-mail me (which is more private) at

  7. thewallpaperlady Says:

    P.S. – I love cats, too. I have four. One is on my lap now, pushing her face in between my hands. They like the massage they get from my typing fingers.

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