Hiring a Pro – Worth It? a.k.a. Fake News

Here’s a stupid piece of unreasearched and incorrect “advice” found on purewow.com. The article is about home services that are worth paying for, and some that are not.

Quote: “Obsessed with the temporary kind—like this rose-petal pattern from Anthropologie—but worried you’ll botch the project? Don’t be. With the right tools (read: a quality measuring tape and heavy books to flatten out any paper curls), you’ve got this. Just block off a few hours in the afternoon.”

Just about every word is wrong. First, that paper by Anthropologie is not “temporary,” but rather “easily removable.” Second, if you want to tackle hanging wallpaper, you’re going to need a heck of a lot more tools than a tape measure. Like about $100’s worth. Not to mention primer, paste, etc. Third, “heavy books to flatten out curls” ?! No comment needed. Next, if I can’t hang a room in “a few hours,” how would a novice manage to? Last, by the condition of the un-smooth and un-primed wall they are planning to put the paper on, you can tell they are not concerned about how the finished job looks.


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3 Responses to “Hiring a Pro – Worth It? a.k.a. Fake News”

  1. femaledec Says:

    One of my fave quotes ‘if you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur’ x

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    Hi Cheyvonne. I love your quote! So true.
    Here’s another one: “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”
    I’m sure you heard about the devastating flood after Hurricane Harvey here in Houston last August. I have had at least four calls from homeowners unhappy with their wallpaper installations, because the flood-repair contractor assured them his painters or drywall guys could put up wallpaper, too.
    I’ve posted a few of those on my blog.

  3. femaledec Says:

    It really grinds my gears! x

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