Visible Seam on a Non-Woven Paper

Digital Image

Digital ImageWallpaper manufacturers are printing more and more patterns on non-woven substrates, a somewhat puffy and tear-resistant material. These papers generally don’t expand when they get wet with paste, and don’t shrink. Another feature is that they can supposedly be stripped off the wall easily, in one piece, simply by pulling.

When I put up the first strips in this powder room, I marveled at how nicely the paper went up, and how totally invisible the seams were.

Then, as the paper dried, I noticed fine lines showing at some of the seams. That means that the paper probably did shrink a little, and because it’s a dark color, the color of the backing shows up. This is disappointing. The client didn’t seem to notice, so (so far) all is good.

This is a Kenneth James design, #FD54432

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