More Pics of the Glittery Grasscloth River Oaks Dining Room

See previous post for more info and purchasing information.

2 Responses to “More Pics of the Glittery Grasscloth River Oaks Dining Room”

  1. davybaby Says:

    The wallpaper looks great, but what the heck is the apparatus taking up most of the right side of the wall (horizontal black beam and vertical etched-mirror-looking thing)?

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    That is a sliding “barn door” which is so popular right now, heading to the butler’s pantry. But instead of being a solid wood door, as most are, this is a beautifully cut out see-through design.
    And thanks for noticing the black support beam/track (with rollers) and the metal valance. It was complicated and the door was heavy, so I did not remove any of it. It took me TWO HOURS to get one 36″ wide strip of paper worked over and under and around just the area above the door, and another hour as I moved to the right of the door.
    When the homeowner came home, she said, “I was wondering if that was going to be a problem. I would have gotten the builder to remove it for you.” !!

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