Fudging the Pattern To Squeeze It All In

For various reasons too complicated to explain here, the pattern working its way across the top of this window, and then down the side with the goal of placing a full flower in the narrow space between the window and the shower tile, was not moving in sync with the pattern underneath. My job was to make it look like everything matched up.

I had about 3 1/2″ of excess paper horizontally that I needed to eliminate. I was able to take my straightedge and trim 1 1/2″ off one side of one strip, and another 1″ from the side of another strip. Then I split one piece in the middle, and removed a 1/2″ wide section. I was able to do this because there were a few areas in these short strips that had no flowers – so there were no design motifs that got chopped off.

Thus, I had removed 3″ of material. To get the left side to match up with the right side, I still needed to loose 1/2″ of paper. You really can’t measure precisely enough, nor trim straight (or at an angle, if need be), to get these strips to butt together perfectly.

So I opted to use an overlap to ease out the excess paper. I cut the paper in two vertically, following along the lines of the flower pattern (top photo). Note that the flower reaches from the tile to the window molding, so the printing disguises the cut area. This would be much more visible if you did it in an area where there were no printed motifs.

Then I positioned the two pieces of wallpaper next to the existing paper on the wall, and overlapped the center sections with the flowers. A half inch or so of pattern has been lost – but no body’s going to notice that. And even though there is a slight ridge where the overlap is, in a 4″ high section under the window, no one is going to notice that, either.

Another cool thing is that, because the pattern did not have to match any elements at either seam, I was able to raise the flower design up, so that you see as much of the flower as possible (instead of half the flower being chopped off where it hit the top of the tile).

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