Disguising an Expansion

The way this strip of wallpaper fell on the wall, it was going to leave me with a 7/8″ wide strip of paper to fit in on the right side of the strip – which happened to land in the 1/4″ wide area between some door molding and the wall. Hard to explain (sorry, no photo), but there really was no way I could piece that little strip in. Yet, I couldn’t leave that narrow bit of wall unpapered, because the white subsurface would be visible.

The solution was to “grow” the paper by 1 1/4.”

In the top photo, if you look above the corner of the door molding, you can see that I have inserted a 1 1/4″ wide strip of paper over the door. That was sufficient that it pushed the right edge of the wallpaper strip far enough that it tucked neatly in behind that door molding. (no photo)

The unhappy consequence was that it left me with a pattern mis-match (repetitive pattern) above the door. Since it was up high, it’s not likely that anyone would notice it – but I wanted it to look better.

So I cut an appliqué from some scrap paper that would match the pattern, and that was wide enough to bridge that 1 1/4″ gap. Then I pasted it and placed it over the area. It blends in so well that even if it were at eye-level, i doubt that anyone would notice.

If you look closely, you will see that the blue birdcage is wider than it was originally printed. When I plotted my 1 14″ wide expansion, I trimmed the inserted splice so that it would include a logical-looking portion of this blue birdcage.

There is also a bit of yellow flower and green leaf that were appliquéd to the right of the blue birdcage, to disguise a leaf that had been cut off by my splice.

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