A Blessedly Better Day Today

OK, so yesterday’s job didn’t present the best working conditions (see previous post), and I had to postpone the job. I contacted another client, and she was able and happy to jump at the chance to get her paper up this week – way sooner than expected.

I send my clients a “check list” of how to prepare for their wallpaper install. If anyone could have checked off all the boxes, this family did!

I had easy and spacious access to both rooms (downstairs powder room and upstairs laundry), the power is on and there’s plenty of light, the A/C is cooling and pulling humidity out of the air, there is running water in each room. The husband removed the bathroom mirror and pulled the laundry appliances out of the way.

The homeowner is letting me spread a padded moving blanked on top of their dining table so I can place my work table on it, which saves space and hassle. There is easy access parking right in front of the door, and not too many stairs to climb.

My satellite radio is getting good reception, so I’m guaranteed good music all day. The family pet is scared of me, so it’s staying out of the way, with no worries of scooting out the front door – and no peeing on my dropcloths.

Concentration on what I’m doing, plus the ability to move from my truck to the house to the two rooms I am working in are important – and all of this flows better when there are no obstacles or distractions, and I can get into “my zone.” This mom has three little kids, and she was thoughtful enough to make sure the little darlings were far away from my work zone.

Not only that, but at noon she handed me a key, packed the whole family up, and said they were heading to Galveston for the weekend!

Folks, I love my clients. But even more, I love being able to work without distractions, and being able to move back and forth as much as I need to, without worrying about getting in people’s way, disrupting their family life, making too much noise, opening the door too often and setting off the “Front Door Open” voice every time.

It’s great to spread my gear where it’s handy, not worry about other workmen “borrowing” something, spout out a cuss word if I drop something, arrive without a time frame and work until midnight if I need to.

I think I work harder, because I don’t have to worry about being in the family’s way, and then I can get obsessed with some minute detail and have the time to pursue various ways to work it out.

People think that wallpaper is all manual, but there’s a huge mental/math/engineering/concentration component, too. Blaring TV’s and screaming children and “overly-involved” homeowners hamper my concentration.

Call me a curmudgeon, call me a primadonna – but I do my best work when I’m all alone, it’s nice and quiet and there’s plenty of space, along with water, electricity, A/C, … You know – checking off the boxes on my check list! 🙂

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