Saving Paper for Tenuous Seam in Previous Post

Re my previous post about needing a scrap of paper to fit the 3″ wide gap between the full-height wallpaper (not pictured) and the door frame to the right …

The wallpaper I was working with is 27″ wide. The distance between the
left edge of the strip over the door and the corner to its left was 21″. Because the seam fell within this 21″ wide area, normally it would require the use of two full-height strips of wallpaper. The strip hanging against the door on the right would mostly be wasted, with only a 3″ strip along the side of the door being needed.

I wanted to save paper.

Since the wallpaper was wider than the area that needed to be covered, I plotted that I could cut off the left side of the full-height strip at the point where it hit the corner over the door on the left. This gave me a full-height strip that was about 6″ wide. Perfect for filling in the 3″ gap between the full-height strip and the door frame to its right!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you are following all this, you grasp that now I have a pattern over the left door corner that was cut off at 21″ width. I need to place a piece over that door and continue the pattern – but I just used up the 6″ wide piece with the matching / continuing pattern.

Never fear…. I have clients order enough paper that I can plan to use a fresh piece when I turn corners like this. A new piece allows me to trim the paper vertically at a point where it matches the pattern precisely. If I had had to use that 6″ wide strip that was cut off (above), then when it was overlapped onto the 1/4″ of paper that wrapped around the corner (not shown), some of the pattern would have been lost.

My method is much more pleasing to the eye.

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