Navy & White Schumacher – Finishing Touch to a Harvey Flooded Home

Still not completely finished fixing major damage caused by the devastating flood of 2017, this young couple in the Pearland area of Houston has done virtually all the repairs themselves – and done a mighty fine job of it, too…. Way better than most of the work done by “professionals” that I have seen in “Harvey homes.”

With many details still unfinished, the homeowners wanted just one room that would be done. The lady of the house loves this navy and white fauna/botanical print by Schumacher. She envisioned it on just the back wall of the powder room – the room that everyone sees when walking through the first floor.

You get two strips of paper out of one double-roll bolt, and the wall was 2.5″ wider than two strips of paper. Since Schumacher is expensive, the homeowners decided not to buy another bolt of paper to cover those 2.5 inches, but instead to “float” two strips of paper in the middle of the wall, and then use their DIY skills to build a frame around it.

The frame will be painted a very dark blue. I hate to fall back on the overused term “pop,” but that is exactly what the blue frame will do … It will make the wallpaper pop against the white walls, and also stand out from other design features in the home.

Scroll back a few days and you will see my encounters with a very difficult navy and white paper, also by Schumacher. This one was totally different.

The bird design I worked with today was printed with good quality inks on a non-woven substrate. N-W’s have a degree of fiberglass in their content, and thus are “dimensionally stable.” Among other positive features, they do not expand, and thus you have no wrinkling or waffling or puckers.

This paper went up very nicely.

Although, in two of the photos, true to reputation, you can see printing defects. Just par for the course, if you buy a Schumacher product

When the homeowner saw the finished job, she almost broke down into tears – one room finally complete and pretty and all reminders of the flood gone.

It was an honor to help this couple get to this one small milestone.

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2 Responses to “Navy & White Schumacher – Finishing Touch to a Harvey Flooded Home”

  1. Ashlee Says:

    So pretty! I just found you when researching Schumacher paper… I’ve installed in three rooms in my house and the last we did was Schumacher iconic leopard. It was AWFUL to work with. The others were from anthropology (Brewster ) and rifle paper company (York). They were both cheaper and much easier to work with. Having seen what you have here – I’m glad I’m not crazy! We had the rippling especially in the smaller pieces above doors. It was like it wouldn’t absorb the glue all over though!

    • thewallpaperlady Says:

      YES! This is one of the issues with many of the high-end brands, who want to maintain their stature and exclusivity – by refusing to adapt to the times. They insist on using their outdated inks and substrates. It’s not just difficult for DIY’ers … I know many, many professional installers who won’t hang a lot of these materials.
      Despite the wrestling match, I’m glad that you are enjoying the warmth and personality of wallpaper in your home.
      Thank you for reading my blog, and stop by again!

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