The Wallpaper Lady Takes a Virus Sabbatical

As of this afternoon, and after too many nights lying awake worrying about social distancing, definitions, and wondering what my vehicle is doing on the road and what I am doing out of the house, I have decided to shutter the Wallpaper Lady until this virus thing is over.

“Home maintenance” is allowed. But simple decorating is not “home maintenance,” nor is it “essential.”

I’m not worried about catching or spreading the virus, and my clients have all been fine with the 6’ rule.

But it’s a matter of complying with the mandates, and working with the community to contain this horrible plague that has popped up from out of nowhere and is ravaging the globe.

We need to take this thing seriously, and follow the rules.

Once we get the go-ahead to move about again, I will be in touch!

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