A Soaring Change!

The top photo shows the classic savoy pattern by Waverly that I have hung so many times – in the early ’90’s. Time for an update!

The new wallpaper maintains the same navy and white colorway, but in a stronger presence and with more upward movement. I mean, what lifts your spirits better than soaring shorebirds?!

I really like the way the navy background stands out against the white woodwork. Much of this kitchen is the area above the cabinets, and the color and pattern play out very well in that short area.

This wallpaper is by Anderson Prints. It is a traditional paper, and was fairly thick, compared to most of their papers. I think the extra heft was due to the manufacturer printing on a dark substrate. This helps keep white from showing at the seams as the paper dries and shrinks a tad.

Speaking of which, I was pleased that the paper did not shrink much at all. With a dark paper, even the smallest shrinkage will allow the wall surface to peek through.

The job is an older townhome in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston. The wallpaper was bought through Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet.

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2 Responses to “A Soaring Change!”

  1. davybaby Says:

    Gotta love a pattern that works well up close or at a distanced. My first read on the further-away shot was of an out-of-focus plaid, and I was totally into it (as I am the detail of what I was actually looking at).

    • thewallpaperlady Says:

      The “plaid” you are referring to is what we call the “secondary pattern.” It’s what you see when you step away from the wall, and it’s especially prominent in photographs. It has to do with the repeat in the pattern, the angle of the motifs, etc. I always advise people to see the pattern in a full-scale room-set photo before making their final decision. These shots are usually provided in the wallpaper selection books and also on line.

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