Murals – Getting the Best View

Digital ImageMost photo murals are a little more than 9′ high, to accommodate the standard height of walls in modern homes. However, many homes have 8′ wall heights. That means that some of the mural has to be cut off.

In this case, I consulted with the homeowners about what features in the scene were most important to them. They wanted to see the sky and as much of the mosque as possible, and felt that the people congregating at the bottom were less important. So here you see the bottom 10″ or so of the mural being cut off and discarded.

In this case, it worked out nicely, because virtually all of the figures were completely eliminated. That is much better than having, let’s say, a man’s head and torso, but no hips or legs or feet.

This is a good example of how pre-planning and plotting, and consulting with the homeowners, are important parts of a wallpaper installation.

Note that I hung this job back in 2013.  These days, thanks to digital printing, many murals can be custom-sized to fit your wall.  Custom-sizing eliminates the need to cut off portions of the design.

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