Fiddling With Falling Fruit

Here I am dealing with a 130 year old house with walls that are out of plumb and ceiling / chair rail that are not level. In the top photo, the wall on the right, you see that the motifs are lined up pretty evenly along the top of the wall.

But in the second photo, on the wall to the left, you can see that the fruits have begun to go off-track, rising closer to the ceiling as you move to the left.

This is pretty common. You can’t control every situation. But often you have the option of matching the pattern perfectly in the corners. OR keeping the motifs consistent along the ceiling and / or floor (in this case chair rail).

I chose to match the pattern in the corner. But this caused the subsequent strips of wallpaper to be off-plumb – and that caused the fruits to fall at different heights from the ceiling line.

You can’t fix that. But – you can disguise it.

I’m going to apply appliqués to cover up the wrongly-positioned fruit, to make them look like they are all hitting the ceiling line at the same height.

In the next photo, from scrap wallpaper, I’ve cut out around the identical fruit (let’s call it an apricot), but left more of the “sky” area above it. The amount of sky is the same as above the apricot on the far right in the photo. So, once I paste this new apricot on top of the existing one, now all apricots are the same distance from the ceiling … No more slanting uphill!

There is a bit of a leaf on the left side of the apricot that got mangled during the appliqué process. I did some snipping with my scissors and blended the shape of the appliqué to meld with the figures underneath. In the next photo, you can’t notice any breaks in any leaves or other figures.

In the last photo, even though the ceiling line is still off-level, the eye doesn’t notice it because all of the apricots are the same distance from the molding.

Lower on the wall, where the hutch, with its long horizontal silhouette, will sit in front of it, the fruits are again tracking upward as your eye moves to the left. I used a similar cut-and-appliqué procedure to fool the eye into believing that the fruits are level as they move horizontally across the wall. (not pictured)

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