Somebody Broke Into the Wallpaper Lady Mobile!

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I had finished my Sunday afternoon of visiting clients and came out of the grocery store to find the back of my van a disheveled mess. I went to open the side doors and found that someone had “popped the locks” on the side doors and the front passenger door. First photo – note that there is no silver key lock mechanism inside the door lock hole.

I have a large van with a long wheelbase and a poor turn radius, plus I need room to open the side doors, so I like to find spots away from other cars that I can pull straight through. So some #&*Q$*^@#$%’s pulled alongside in their own big view-obscuring van, jammed a screwdriver into my locks, and helped themselves.

What did they take? These obviously were painter or other workmen type jerks, targeting work trucks (saw the Wallpaper Lady signs on my van) because they stole boxes of joint compound, paint brushes, paint rollers, my 15 year old filthy Shop Vac, my laser level, a powerful floor fan, and even half empty cans of wallpaper primer. I mean, what are they going to do with wallpaper primer?! They’re probably the kind of “workmen” who pour it into a paint can and tell the homeowner, “This is top of the line quality paint.”

I am very lucky that my ladder and my toolbox were not in the van, because I had been working on a project in my own house.

They also got CD’s (like criminals are going to listen to the 5th Dimension and Enya!), my gym bag (with the only pair of swim goggles that fit me 😦 ), and my garage door opener – along with my insurance card with name and address.

So I made a mad dash to get home and unplug the opener before they could get to my house and try to get in.

Replacing the stolen equipment, garage door opener, and fixing the broken locks and having these new “hockey puck” very secure honker locks installed took two full days, and cost nearly $1,600, not counting time off work and lost income.

Makes me so mad!

Not just taking things that belong to someone else – but stealing someone’s livelihood.

(This happened in summer 2016.)

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