Folks, when you contact a wallpaper installer, please be as accurate and concise and honest as possible.

Here is an example of a phone call I got this morning…

Ring Ring!

Me: Hello. The Wallpaper Lady.

Man: Do you hang wallpaper?

Me: Yes, I do.

Man: How far do you go?

Me: Can you be more specific? Where is this project located?

Man: (In very slow, heavily accented foreign accent) #re@p0r!.

Me: (Trying to discern if he said “Seabrook” (close to me in Houston) or “Freeport” (65 miles south of Houston via highway under massive construction), or “LaPorte” (close to Seabrook) Please tell me what you want to have wallpapered.

Man: Vell, it’s a unique situation.

Me: (Growing frustrated) Can you please describe your project, so I will know how I can help you?

Man: It’s on the water.

Me: What does that mean??!! Is it a vacation home? A boat? An oil rig ?

Man: It’s a yacht docked in Freeport.

Me: (Thinking to self: Oh! Finally I get what he wants!!)

Folks, all this jimmying back and forth, dancing around the specs, misunderstanding, questioning, and frustration could have been easily eliminated, and the fellow could have gotten his answer quickly, if he had simply phrased his question clearly and concisely: “Would you be interested in hanging wallpaper in a yacht docked in Freeport?”

2 Responses to “Please be SPECIFIC – Not CRYPTIC”

  1. Jesse Coopersmith Says:

    This is sooooo many of my clients. I really like the ones who act weird about giving an address. WTH? How can I come give you an estimate without that? What do you charge? How long will it take? It’s just a little job 50 miles away, how long will it take you? Half a day? How much will it cost for a little job? It won’t even take all day..

    Ohhhh jeeeeEEEZ

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    Jesse … thanks for reading my blog. Your comment makes me want to “laugh knowingly.” I wanted to make my original post longer, to include more scenarios, but readers get tired and want to move on…
    I entirely feel your pain! I get so many people with the oblique query “I have a project…. ”
    Me: WHAT do you mean? Is it one wall in a 1st floor bedroom 1/2 mile from me? Or 13 heavily textured walls in a dentist’s office on the 8th floor of a mid-rise in Honolulu and you’ve already purchased (not enough) rolls of 8-years-old Recor off Etsy?
    And the ones who have already measured and purchased paper, and are sure you can hang 130 sq ft with 4 SR of paper.
    And, YES – the address thing! I’ve had clients who ask when I can visit, but I’ve had to ask them three and FOUR times, to please give me their address. It’s like they think I’m an axe murderer! I say, “I can’t find your house unless I know your address!”
    I actually asked one once, why she withheld the address for three e-mails, and she said, “I simply wasn’t paying attnetion.” She has become a multi-time client, so I guess she was honest – she simply overlooked my request for her address.
    Thanks again for reading my blog! Always good to hear from a fellow installer, and to know we are walking the same paths!

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