Freezing Weather and Hanging Wallpaper

Here in Houston, we are having unprecedented cold, including ice and snow, broken pipes and hundreds of thousands of homes with out water or electricity. All of that, of course, makes driving dangerous, and of course, you can’t hang wallpaper without lights, warmth, and clean running water.

But another concern is freezing temperatures and my materials. Before all this hit, I made sure to get all my water-based products out of the van and into the garage. Primer, paste, joint compound, and even things like caulk and bottled drinking water and my trusty Gatorade.

At $50 for a gallon of primer or a fiver of paste, that’s a significant investment to protect.

Some of my friends up north haul their buckets in every night. Others use various types of heaters to keep the rear of their vans above freezing.

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