Playful Bottle & Glass Pattern Behind Bar Shelves

What a fun idea – using “barware” wallpaper on the backs of shelves above an in-home bar!

Only clear stemware will go on the shelves in front of this colorful, wacky wallpaper.

This “Cocktails” pattern is in the Fornasetti collection by Cole & Son. It’s a non-woven material, and can be hung by the paste-the-wall method, or by pasting the paper.

The contemporary / industrial modern style home is in the Heights neighborhood of Houston.

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2 Responses to “Playful Bottle & Glass Pattern Behind Bar Shelves”

  1. Kristin L. Says:

    When installing wallpaper on the back of a bookshelf do you try to cut it to exact size before it’s on the wall? It seems like it’s pretty easy to trim a strip of paper where it meets the ceiling at the top or the baseboard (or some other horizontal molding at the bottom) but I’m imagining what it’s like to try to put a strip of paper into that not very tall space with a horizontal board (essentially) at the top and bottom of where you need to cut.

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    Hi Kristin. It usually doesn’t work to pre-size the paper to the niche. That’s because wallpaper expands when it gets wet with paste, and it’s hard to predict what size to cut it. Also, you can’t count on the shelves to be perfectly square. So, yes, you will have to squeeze yourself and your tools into that space to trim.
    What I usually do is to use a sewing or craft “self healing” mat with a grid marked off in square inches. And will pre-trim two sides, say the top and left sides, square at the top left corner. Then fit that into the shelf. I will then need to use my blade to trim off the bottom, as you would on a wall. The next piece, moving to the right, if there is no pattern to match, I might pre- trim the top. Put it in position, and then trim off the bottom. When you get to the last piece on the right, you will need to trim off bottom and right side. You can use plastic tape on the back of the wet wallpaper to keep paste off the shelf.
    Thanks for reading my blog!

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