Another Job Derailed by Defective Paper

2 Responses to “Another Job Derailed by Defective Paper”

  1. davybaby Says:

    I don’t understand why printing errors seem to be becoming *more* common, not less. As the wallpaper medium thrives and grows (contrary to what I would have thought fifty years ago), I’d think techniques would be perfected, not weakened. I’m pretty sure paper prices are going up, not down, so I’d expect a higher standard. Boo!

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    Agreed! Some printing defects are simply one-time errors. But some companies are rife with them – Schumacher, for instance, a high-end brand, you can expect printing defects every time. Especially with screen-printed goods. Newer digital printing these days will probably eliminate much of this. But I do prefer the look of classic gravure printing!

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