The Absolute Craziest Thing That’s Ever Happened! Wallpaper Lady Accused of Home Break-In!

So yesterday I go to work, and accidentally turn one block before my client’s street, and pull up along the garage door of a townhome that is identical in location and appearance to my client’s. My client and I are texting back and forth, and I can’t understand why she’s not opening the garage door for me. So I go and try the front door, as many people will leave it unlocked for me if they need to step out. It was locked. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had wrong address! I texted my client that I was on my way from one block over, got in my van, and left.

Well, this being a modern world, all this was caught on video by the homeowner’s Ring doorbell and other surveillance cameras. So this guy jumps to the conclusion that his home is being burglarized by the Wallpaper Lady. I don’t blame him for that misunderstanding. But instead of getting clarified information, he goes and posts on social media

(Apologies for the COVID year+ without a haircut.) They claimed they tried to call me, but I received no messages. I was lucky that someone saw the post and took the trouble to look me up and alert me.

Now, being technically-challenged, I am trying to figure out how to post a reply. Even better I would like to get ahold of the homeowner and get them to take down the thread!

Coincidentally enough, on today Nextdoor, someone posted a video of a guy “stealing” packages from the doorstep. I (along with lots of other people) recognized the guy, and he’s a good, solid citizen. He was simply collecting the packages so a thief would not grab them.

I guess the lesson for me is, you should assume that everyone has cameras (I already assume that). I should have thought to leave a note on their door.

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