Pepping Up Plain Old Vanilla

Everything else in this newish townhome in the far northwest area of Houston is generic beige.
But the homeowner envisioned something much more bold and fun for the large powder room.
The slope at the top left is the area under the stairs.
Close-up. At the far right you can see a seam … the paper was slightly shaded darker on the left edge and lighter on the right edge, resulting in this. It looks like the seam is curled up, but actually it’s perfectly flat.
The pattern is called Marigold and it’s sold by Anthropologie. The manufacturer is York, and it’s in their SureStrip line, which is one of my favorites. This is a pre-pasted material, and you activate the paste by wetting the back. The instructions suggest using a squirt bottle – ouch! Can you say wrist pain?! I sprinkle water on with a sponge and then roll it around with a paint roller. I also add a little extra wallpaper paste to the mix.

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2 Responses to “Pepping Up Plain Old Vanilla”

  1. Johnette Beaver Says:

    I love your blog and greatly appreciate the posts and 📧s, I did notice that your said you use a sponge and paint roller to wet prepasted papers. I have a water tray that has a wire that runs down the side and across the bottom of the tray that is ancient LOL but I love it as you can roll a length of paper backwards and then roll it under the wire for papers that only need a short soak or leave it in for the allotted time and then book the paper while it wets the entire length so the paste is wetted perfectly. I am an Interior Designer who also used to have my Commercial Contractors License and have been building and remodeling for almost 50 years. Tools are the best investment we have ever made but I have noticed it’s getting harder and harder to find replacements for some of our best pieces of equipment and that they are very cheap quality if we do happen to luck out and find them. You really helped me with the tip on the Roman Pro 977 primer on a pantry wall that had Satin paint on the walls. I have tried to always pass my knowledge on to anyone who was interested in learning and love that you do so as well. Both myself and my husband love wall paper and have a good friend who is also a Pro and we are all thrilled to see anyone who continues in our field. Thanks again and Happy Papering!

  2. thewallpaperlady Says:

    Thanks for reading my blog, Johnette. Although many of my colleagues scoff at pre-pasted papers, I actually love them. So, 50 years, huh? Hee hee … we are always laughing … so many of us are in this age bracket. But the sad thing is we fear the industry is aging out, with so few new people coming in to the trade. Like you, I hope new people join up. Geeze … self-employed so no office politics, not glued to a computer screen or phone all day, get to work with really nice people, get to do something new every day, instant gratification at the end of a job, and happy clients. Come on and learn to hang paper!!

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