Don’t Wanna Keep Smackin’ My Head!

The space over this cabinet goes back 2′ plus is only 5″ high. It’s gonna be really hard to position wallpaper, trim it against the ceiling, and press it against the wall.
I figured out something simpler and easier.
I could pre-trim the paper at the ceiling line, so there would be no need to try to reach into that narrow area with a straightedge and razor blade.
But I didn’t want to butt the next strip of wallpaper against the existing one, because the strip might not be perfectly plumb, and the wallpaper might move up or down the ceiling line.
By overlapping at the green zig-zag lines, I could tweak the paper if needed, to keep it straight at the ceiling.
Here I’ve trimmed a strip to match the design at the ceiling line. I also cut along one zig-zag line on the left, planning to overlap this to the zig-zag already on the wall. Overlapping will allow me to futz and adjust if necessary.
That one strip wasn’t wide enough to reach the far wall, so I cut another piece that matched the pattern at the seam, and, at 3 1/2″ wide, would cover the last bit of wall space.
Both strips are the right height, and won’t require trimming at either top or bottom.
Here I’m overlapping the wider piece on top of the third zig-zag on the existing strip of wallpaper.
No need to trim at the ceiling, because I’ve pre-trimmed the paper at the right design point.
Still need to cover that last 3 1/2″ wide bit.
Now that little 3 1/2″ wide piece has been put into place.
No trimming, no paste to wipe off the ceiling or wall or cabinet.
All parts smoothed against the wall, and good to go!

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