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My name is Julie Young, and I live just west of downtown Houston, Texas.  But lots of people just call me “the Wallpaper Lady.”  In fact, my clients’ kids gave me that name – “Hey Mom, the Wallpaper Lady is here!”

I guess you could say I grew up in the wallpaper business.

My family operated a wallpaper & paint store on the south side of St. Louis (Missouri) for nearly a hundred years, and five generations worked there – including me!  I started working there when I was 12 (stocking shelves, designing window displays, and selling wallpaper and paint), and papered my first apartment when I was 18.  About that same time, I did my first for-pay job.  Part of my college education was funded by wallpaper! 

 After a decade or so in Corporate America, which included moves to Denver and then Houston, I chose to leave office politics behind and made wallpapering my full-time career.  I’ve been loving it ever since!  I would be bored sitting at the same desk all day, every day, and much  prefer working with my hands and being active.

 My work is creative, my clients are inspiring and interesting, every new job brings me to a new work environment, and, at the end of the day, I have a beautiful finished product and clients thrilled with their new decor!

7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Jerry Esten Says:

    Hi Julie:

    That’s what I liked about Sign Painting. Very similar.
    My buddy does “Paintless Dent Removal and his experiences are like ours. It’s nice to be the Capt of your ship!


  2. Tim Says:

    Hi Julie,

    Love the intro. I recently quit my professional downtown office job of 12 years to be a full time wallpaper installer after a couple of years of part time wallpapering. My wife is an interior designer and introduced me to the work. It wasn’t easy turning my back on a steady pay cheque but I haven’t regretted it for one minute!

    I look forward to reading through your blog and learning a thing or two.

    – Tim

  3. Matthew Finan Says:

    Very Nice Work, Julie.

    -Ash Showroom

  4. Jeff Says:

    Hi Julie,
    I just got off the phone with you regarding the Cole & Sons wallpaper roll question. (Jeff in South Carolina). Thank you so much for explaining how Cole & Sons single rolls are really US double rolls. I need 10 (US) single rolls so I’m ordering 5 rolls of the Cole & Sons. You have a great blog on wallpaper, thank you. Jeff

    • thewallpaperlady Says:

      Super! With the confusing terminology, it’s easy to buy twice as much as you need.
      Tell your installer that even though most C&S paper is “non-woven” and can be hung by “pasting the wall,” their material does sometimes expand, so many of us prefer to paste and book the paper before hanging.
      Happy decorating!

  5. Gary S Bate Says:

    Regarding peel and stick or temporary wallpaper. Yes after installing many times we just decided to stay day from it. Many of the homes here in California have textured walls which is a no no for peel and stick. People don’t want to pay extra for skim coating and priming. There is a way tho that will work, paste the wall with 880 and peel, slide and match. Also Romans has a liquid spray out for peel and stick (EZ- HANG) same thing spray the wall and install as usual, also increases adhesion and still remains strippable later. I don’t like peel and stick and will always educate my clients about it. However if they insist at least there is an option to do it easier and with better success.

    • thewallpaperlady Says:

      Thanks for your comments, Gary. Yes, I’ve also heard about installers using water or spray or other ingenious methods, and have gotten good results with P&S. I’m glad you’re able to help your clients. And, yeah, textured walls are big in Houston, too, especially new homes in the ‘burbs.

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