Me and Only Me

I’m what you call a “One Man Show.”  I do all facets of the job myself.  From initial consultation to wall preparation to installation of the new paper to managing the business end, I do it all, and I am the only person who will be in your home.  No strange workmen tromping through your house scratching floors and banging into walls.  Just me, and only me.

4 Responses to “Me and Only Me”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I am embarking on a powder room renovation and plan to have wallpaper installed. I’ve been Googling wallpaper mostly to look at pictures of finished rooms and found your blog. I don’t live anywhere close to you so having you do my install is not an option. I am now on a quest to find someone local to me who will install my wallpaper with the care, precision and attention to detail that you do. Do you have any suggestions for how best to vet a potential installer to see if they have these qualities? I work with a decorator at a local Benjamin Moore store for my wallpaper purchase – should I feel confident in a wallpaper installer she recommends?

    • thewallpaperlady Says:

      Hi Kristin. Thanks for reading my blog! Re your question … All kinds of people leave their cards in paint stores. I would suggest you ask the BM staff if they have heard feedback on any of the installers whose cards they pass out. Also, go to Google Reviews or Yelp or other on-line review sites to see if you can learn anything. Alternately, you can go to the “Find An Installer” link on the webpage for the WIA – Wallcovering Installers Association to find someone in your area. A paperhanger who pays annual dues to belong to a professional association and also possibly attends the annual convention, as well as participates in other continuing-education options, is likely to be of a higher skill-set and level of professionalism than just a “guy” with a business card.

  2. Britney Says:

    Hi, I am currently scouring the internet about wallpaper and came across your blog. It’s a treasure find with thorough information all about wallpaper. Do you have any recommendations for installation in Dallas for a powder room?

    • thewallpaperlady Says:

      Hi Britney, Thanks for reading my blog, and thanks for the compliments!
      I am still debating if I want to brave coming to the State Fair this year – I love that big party sooo much! Sure missed it in 2020.
      Re paperhangers in Dallas, look up Michael King, and also Pam McCartney. They are both a ways outside Dallas, but work there all the time. Both are fantastic at what they do. They know me well, so tell ’em I told you to look them up.
      You can also use the Find an Installer feature of the WIA’s website.

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