Obsessive Attention to Detail

There are many componants of a good wallpaper job, but, in my experience, three are crutial to ensuring a job that looks good and that lasts for years:

-Proper Wall Preparation

I’m obsessive about removing the old paper and then smoothing the walls.  Many people say, “The wallpaper will hide any flaws in the wall.”  FALSE!  Wallpaper will accentuate any bumps or gouges in the wall.  That’s why it’s so important that the walls be prepared correctly.

 (on very rare occasions, it is possible to leave the existing paper – IF proper proceedures are followed to prepare the surface to accept the new paper)

-The Right Primer

Many people claim that a primer is not needed, or they’re just too lazy or cheap to apply one.  BIG MISTAKE.  A primer seals the wall and provides a good surface for the paper to adhere to.  The right primer seals off any stains (water, rust, smoke, blood, grease) to prevent them from bleeding through the paper at a later date.  Primer also allows the new paper to be installed more easily, discouraging stretching or bubbles and the like.  In addition, when it’s time to change papers, a primer ensures easier removal of the old paper with minimum damage to the wall.

-Good Quality Wallpaper

A high price tag is not necessarily an indicator of a quality paper.  When I visit your home, I will give you a sheet that explains how to choose a paper that should wear well and provide beauty for years and years. 

And, of course:

-Installation Techniques

This is where my craftsmanship shines!  I have small hands that fit into tight corners and cut around intricate millwork.  I use the proper technique to turn corners, resulting in a neat, tight fit.  Precision-matched patterns, perfectly butted seams, smooth, wrinkle-free and bubble-free surface – I take pride in the work I do for your home and your family, and never cut corners or rush through a job. 

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