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Air Borne Particulates Leave Specks on Wallpaper

January 2, 2019

Look at the corner next to the shower tile, on the left of the photo, and look about center of the photo. See the tiny specs on the wallpaper?

Although the homeowner swear that no one uses spray products, I believe that these spots were caused by aerosol or other air-borne products (hair spray, air freshener, glass cleaner) that got into the air as suspended particles, and found their way onto the wallpaper.

Another reason I tell clients NOT to use any of these products, once their new paper goes up.


Aerosol Products Can Stain Wallpaper

March 28, 2018

See these tiny drops on the wall of this bathroom? I believe these are caused by people using aerosol toiletries, such as hair spray, air freshener, and other such products.

Even if MOST of the material hits its target, SOME of it will remain air-borne, and then will eventually find its way onto the paint or wallpaper.

Most people don’t notice tiny stains like these. But sometimes they’re very visible, and that’s why I recommend that people stay away from air-borne products. For air fresheners, there are solid or wick-type diffusers, and with glass cleaners, it’s preferable to spray the cleaner onto a rag, than to spray it onto the mirror or window.