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A Great Pattern Choice for All Walls In a Bedroom

July 27, 2018

I didn’t hang this wallpaper, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture when I saw it in a guest bedroom of one of my clients here in Houston.

If you want a sweet looking room, this is a perfect choice.

The two-hue color scheme is relaxing, and the overall viney pattern is easy to look at and live with. It has an “English country garden” feel to it.

It’s the perfect pattern to use on all four walls of a bedroom.

Note: Once the homeowners get fully moved into their new home, they will outfit the room with more appropriate bedding, and add a little furniture and artwork to this room.

It’s Best to Test

April 30, 2010

I got a call from a client, asking to hold off on our planned installation date.

The reason? She took my advice!

You see, when I visited her house for the initial consultation, she stated that she really loved the wallpaper she had selected, but that she was unable to “visualize” how it would look on the wall. Many people say the same thing.

I told her to take the wallpaper book to Kinko’s and get some color photo copies made. She could pin the copies next to one another, to see how the pattern looked spread over a larger space, and how it looked on all four walls.

Well, she followed my suggestion and – guess what? She realized that the pattern was indistinct and the color too faint, and the whole thing would look too washed out in her small powder room.

Coincidentally, a second client also delayed her job, also due to following my advice. She had selected natural grasscloth for a family room – which would be touched and bumped frequently by little children. Grasscloth won’t hold up to this, because it stains and scruffs easily. So they are now looking for something made of a more durable material.

Now both these people are back to the drawing board, searching for something that will work better. This is far better than investing a lot of money for paper and labor, and then realizing they don’t love the final result.