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Grasscloth – Beware of This…

July 22, 2012

Unstable ink on grasscloth comes off on my hands

Some grasscloths that have ink sprayed on the surface are very unstable… If the manufacturers would only apply a sealant, they would perform much better. Or, better yet, are the goods made with the color coming from the colored paper backing, with natural colored ‘grass’ on the surface, and no dyes sprayed on at all.

The problem is that with the sprayed-on goods, the color can come off, leaving blotches on the surface of the paper. This paper bled so badly that red ink got all over the woodwork, or anywhere where even the slightest bit of dampness touched the paper. These papers can also stain quite easily, even with clear paste made especially for grasscloth.

People buy these papers because they look beautiful in the selection books, having no idea how BAD they can end up looking on their wall.  This homeowner said she had doubts when she first looked at the wrapped roll, with ink smudges plainly visible on the label…even the person who wrapped the paper got ink smeared on his hands and everything he touched.

Ironically, earlier in the week, I had installed another Astek grasscloth (natural color) and it performed beautifully.

This photo shows the ink that came off on my DRY hands, just in unwrapping the paper, and one very red spot on my rag when I touched the paper lightly to test it.  I avoided getting water or paste on the paper, yet by the time I finished with each individual strip, my hands were absolutely crimson, and felt thick with ink.

Woven Grasscloth – Seams Are Virtually Undetectable

July 20, 2012

Usually, with standard types of grasscloth, you see each panel, and clearly see seams every 36.” That’s just how it is with grasscloth, and most people love it. Not me – the “paneling” characteristic drives me nuts.

With this woven pattern by Astek, you can hardly spot a seam.

houston wallpaper hanger

Flaw of the Day – Water Stains, Mold, Mildew !!

July 17, 2012

Water and mildew stains along the edges of several bolts of Astek LG31504, run 4

Mildew is a live organism that can grow on walls and wallpaper, especially in damp bathrooms.

Got the room all prepped, dragged in all my tools, work table, 50lb bucket of paste, got all set up, started unrolling the paper – and found nasty stains along one edge of EVERY roll of paper. Water stains, mold, and mildew, as if the warehouse floor had gotten wet and water seeped into the rolls of wallpaper.

Water stains will come through onto the surface of the paper (water stains on walls bleed through, too, so they must be sealed with KILZ or similar). Mildew is extremely bad, too, as it is a living organism and can become activiated once in contact with moisture, and can continue to grow on the wallpaper. This particular bathroom had a problem with mildew to begin with; installing wallpaper with the potential for growing more mildew is a recipe for disaster.

Needless to say, after checking several rolls and determining there was not enough useable paper to do the room, I halted the installation, sent the paper back to the store (my favorite seller, Dorota at Southwestern Paint on Bissonnet), and she is working with the company (Astek) to replace the paper.

We asked that they hand-check the replacement rolls…but either they did not do this, or they don’t have the careful eye that I do, but either way, the replacement paper was also stained and had to be sent back.

Now the poor family is stuck waiting for more replacement paper, with a partially-done bathroom suite, and no word from the manufacturer as to when the new paper will arrive.